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Marketers Playground Brings Collaboration, Workflow, Account and Campaign Management together into a Single Powerful Platform

Local Business Owner

Website Vitality Check, Business Reputation Reviews, Local SEO, Local Ads

Corporate Marketing

Communication, Collaboration, Workflow Management, Account and Campaign Management Between Internal and External Teams

Marketing Agency

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Administration & Simple User Interface and Campaign Dashboards


Project Manager

Effectively Launch And Manage Complex Marketing Projects between Multiple Teams, Vendors, and Clients

Marketers Playground offers:

  • Dashboards displaying data trends across all publishers and platforms.
  • Regular website vitality and website response time check.
  • Daily monitoring of Google and other Publisher's online ratings and reviews.
  • Simple, cost-effective online lead management.
  • Robust Workflow Management and Communication interface to simplify campaign management.
  • Secure Website & Marketing credentials management system.
  • Role-based account access  for all marketing team members (In-house & external vendors)


Business Vitality Check

Marketing Campaign Review & Reporting

Team Managment

Project / Task Managment

Tool Management