Marketers Playground is
Digital Marketing Platform

Review Digital Marketing, Communicate with the Team, and Manage Tasks

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Marketers Playground’s Core Value

Local Business Owner

Website Vitality Check, LocalBusiness Reputation Review, Local SEO

Corporate Marketing

Digital Marketing Management between In-house staff and Outsourcing staff

Marketing Agency

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Administration& Constant Communication with Clients


Project Manager

Marketing Project Management with Multiple Teams and Sites

Marketers Playground offers:

  • Dashboards displaying data trend for all digital marketing platforms
  • Hourly website vitality and response time check
  • Daily review of Google and Yelp’s negative ratings
  • Simple, inexpensive way to manage web leads
  • Message boards for each type of digital marketing
  • Website/marketing credentials management system
  • Role-based access control for all marketing employees (In-house & Outsource)

Marketing Page Access controlled between

Internal staff


Outsourcing staff

Web Management staff


Marketing staff

Marketing Manager


SEM Marketers


Social Marketers

Role Based Access Control

Permission Definition

Having issues with managing web/marketing credentials/info?

MP offers secure cloud storage to save/manage them.

Web Marketing

Website Management Credential Management

Tool Launcher

Marketing Tool Credential Management

Visitors Interactions

Web Form Lead and Call Tracking Summary

Analytics Marketing

Google Analytics summary

Dealing with multiple marketing platforms & data, too time consuming to sort through all of them?

MP provides dashboards displaying data for different marketing platforms, all in one app.

Marketing Tools Page



Search Engine Optimization


High lead management costs?

MP provides a simple, inexpensive way to manage leads.